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Baking industry:  Air handling units for food production line

Client: Industrial client

Location: Australia

Produkt: Complete ventilation system for cooling tunnel


Senius Food Equipment supplies modern, high-quality and energy efficient tunnel ovens for industrial bakeries all over the world. Cooling is usually the last stage of the baking processing production line, and cooling tunnels are used when you need to quickly reduce the temperature of the products, e.g. for cooling down cookies, biscuits, cakes, müsli, crunch and the like. ​

For one of Senius’ customers in Australia, they needed a complete ventilation system for a cooling tunnel with cooling units on top of the tunnel. As the temperature is evidently a critical factor in food production lines, Senius needed a reliable expert supplier of ventilation systems for this part of the project.


MovAir was chosen as supplier of the air handling units for the Australian customer. The cooling tunnel for the food production line required precise and dependable cooling to ensure stable, reliable and efficient operation.

MovAir’s air handling units were installed at the cooling tunnel on the production site, and they ensure that the food production line can continue and keep the tight temperature margins that are of such importance.

The solution was naturally delivered according to schedule and to the satisfaction of both Senius and the end-customer.