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Benin Power plant: Ventilation system for new power plant

Client: Maria Gléta Power Plant

Location: Benin, West Africa

Produkt: Complete ventilation system


In Benin, West Africa, Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor in consortium with MAN Energy Solutions built and designed a new high efficiency 120 MW power plant. The power plant supplies electricity to hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses in Benin, where, until now, only roughly two-thirds of the country’s inhabitants have had limited or no access to electricity.

The new power plant required a reliable ventilation system to meet the strict regulations that applies to classified environments and keep the facility compliant with the relevant standards.


MovAir was chosen as supplier of a complete ventilation system for the Benin Power Plant, and the scope included air handling units and industrial fans for cooling of production, building ventilation etc.

The ventilation system adjusts the ambient temperature and ensure that the climate is as required for each process and application. This means that the production can run effectively, correctly and safely while creating a comfortable work environment for the employees.

As supplier for the Benin Power Plant, MovAir ensured that the procurement, construction and commissioning of the OEM HVAC solutions went according to budget, specifications and schedule.