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Fishing industry: Air treatment and ventilation of commercial fish tanks

Client: Different clients

Location: Worldwide

Produkt: Ventilation for enclosed fish tanks and pools


Fish farming including shrimp farming and shellfish farming belongs to the commercial sector of the fishing industry. In fish farming, fish are raised commercially in tanks or enclosed pools, and the species raised include salmon, catfish and cod.

The fishing pools and tanks need air treatment to maintain a healthy water environment; if vital pumping and ventilation are not maintained, production and hygiene will be affected.


MovAir has supplied fans for ventilation and air treatment of fish pools and tanks. The fans are particularly resistant in order to withstand the special environment at the fish farm production sites.

With the ventilation and air treatment solutions from MovAir, the fishing industry and the fish farms can create and sustain the needed water environment in the fish tanks and pools, and this means, that the production can continue at a high level of performance.