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We offer a wide selection of industrial fans, duct systems, silencers and air handling units, so you will find a solution to fit your needs for virtually any type of industry, process and application. Regardless of the intended use of the ventilation system, for example, the food industry, cement industry, cleanroom, marine or laboratory applications, we are here to help.

Together, our team has over 50 years of experience calculating and delivering ventilation systems to the OEM market. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will get an energy-friendly solution with optimum efficiency, which complies with all market requirements, including the ErP Directive (Energy-related products).

Industrial fans for all types of processes and applications

Ventilation plays an essential role in many industrial processes, either to exhaust air, supply fresh air or regulate the ambient temperature so that you can maintain the ideal indoor climate. A ventilation system may also be a necessity in environments with explosive gases and particulates or to ensure proper fire ventilation.

OEM and industrial processes that require industrial ventilators

Our selection of energy-efficient OEM HVAC solutions for industrial applications helps maintain a healthy, comfortable indoor climate, reduces emissions, regulates the ambient temperature and dust in a number of industries and processes.

Why choose a new industrial fan?

Industrial fan types

Our range of HVAC products for the OEM market includes some of the most effective, energy-friendly fans available on the market:

EC fans are an investment in efficient, reliable solutions that quickly pay for themselves

Our industrial fans are characterized by their incredible efficiency and reliability, which is, in part, due to their use of EC technology, which places lower demands on maintenance, uses less power and is more efficient than older AC fans.

You will often find that due to the energy savings offered by installing a new, modern ventilation solution, the system quickly pays for itself. In fact, the typical payback period when replacing a plug fan, for example, is 1-3 years.

Fire ventilation and smoke fans

Fire and smoke fans are used for smoke extraction, fire ventilation systems and smoke ventilation systems. In the event of a fire, the smoke fan directs the smoke out of the building to lower the temperature, facilitate evacuation, protect the structural integrity of the building and facilitate access to the affected area for firefighters.

You can also choose an extraction ventilator with a flap (hatch ventilator) specially designed for a smoke system. This type of fan has a fully hermetic design that extracts smoke gases from the building using a motorized flap system. This type of ventilator is especially suited for use in warehouse buildings and industrial facilities.

Explosion-Proof ATEX fans

Areas classed as potentially explosive atmospheres must be vented with clean air so that the concentration of explosive gases and particulates is reduced to an acceptable level. This may be necessary in facilities such as oil refineries, chemical laboratories, the pharmaceutical industry, oil and gas industry, shipyards and similar.

Explosion-proof fans are needed in these environments, and our selection of ATEX-certified fans are all approved according to the strictest standards, so they can operate safely in explosive atmospheres.

I disse miljøer har man brug for eksplosionssikrede ventilatorer, og vores udvalg af ATEX-certificerede ventilatorer er alle godkendt efter de skrappeste standarder, så de kan operere sikkert i højeksplosive zoner.

Air handling units

MovAir’s air handling units (AHUs) are designed to deliver high temperature efficiency with low energy use and minimal operating costs. A quality air handling unit helps ensure a comfortable, healthy indoor climate and our units are also available with heating and cooling elements if you have a need to cool or heat an area.

The units are suitable for use in a wide range of processes, including the food products industry, cement industry and process industry.

Solutions that meet all applicable requirements and safety directives

MovAir’s solutions meet all applicable requirements, laws and safety directives established for the industry. Our solutions are tested and certified by independent, accredited laboratories, so you can be confident that you are getting a safe, reliable ventilation solution.

Project management, expert advice and energy calculation on OEM HVAC projects

When you choose us as your partner, you will get a comprehensive consultation and energy calculations for your project.

We can also assist you with project management for the entire installation of your selected ventilation solution, from development and design to purchasing and implementation.

And of course, all of our OEM HVAC solutions are delivered with documentation in the language you need, and comprehensive data calculations are performed for everything.