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Ridley AgriProducts: OEM industrial fans for production processes

Client: Ridley AgriProducts

Location: Hobart, Tasmanien, Australien

Produkt: OEM HVAC fans


Ridley Corporation is Australia’s largest provider of animal nutrition solutions and produces approximately 2 million tonnes a year of finished feeds and feed ingredients from 20 locations across Australia.

Ridley AgriProducts needed ventilation for their animal feed product line. There is a range of processes in the production line, e.g. crusher, dryer and mixer, and each need proper ventilation to ensure a safe and healthy work environment.


MovAir was tasked with the dimensioning and delivery of a ventilation solution for the product line at the Hobart factory. The optimum solution for this project was direct-driven centrifugal fans which can handle large amounts of air and high static pressure. The fans were installed and commissioned according to schedule.

The fans adjust the ambient temperature and ensure the necessary, correct climate according to each process and allow the production to run safely and effectively.