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Sund plant: Ventilation system for new extension to power plant 

Client: Sund Power Plant, station 3

Location: Faroe Islands

Produkt: Complete ventilation system


Sund 3 is an extension of the existing Sund 1 and 2 power plants and is located approximately 10 km outside Torshavn on the Faroe Islands. The 37MW extension is designed to provide efficient and environmentally responsible power supply to the Faroe Islands.

For the project, a complete ventilation system was required for cooling of production applications, building ventilation, etc. 


At MovAir we are experts in air handling units and industrial fans, and we were chosen as suppliers of a complete ventilation system for the Sund 3 station.

The ventilation system regulates the ambient temperature and ensures that the environment is as required and specified for each application and process. With the ventilation system in place, the production can run smoothly and in a safe and effective way that is also comfortable for the power plant employees.    

MovAir managed the procurement, construction and commissioning of the ventilation system at the agreed time and to the satisfaction of our customer.